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amaia's Journal

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16 February 1989

If you're here, I gather that the main question on your mind is "what the hell is an Amy-ackie-whatever anyway?" Well...

Amaiakuyume (ah-MAH-ee-ack-oo-YOU-may) n.

A humanoid lifeform approximately 171cm tall, possessing dark red-brown hair, brown eyes, poor eyesight and a hoard of stuff related to the Japanese singer Gackt. Its natural habitat is in front of the computer, but it can occasionally be found venturing out of this locale to engage in such activities as attending concerts, and studying Japanese and Mandarin Chinese at university.

When it is stuffing around with its Macbook at 3am instead of sleeping, the Amaiakuyume looks like this

Anyway, there's the basics. The username which no one can spell or pronounce is incorrect Japanese for "sweet nightmares" (甘い悪夢- the correct pronunciation is actually "amai akumu"). This is probably a good argument for not continuing to use a username you made up in 9th grade, but nevertheless it is now my name in online circles, and I can't come up with anything better anyway XD As of 2012, my LJ name is now Amaia, but I will be keeping "Amaiakuyume" in the sidebar for a while so that people know who I am!

This year I am undertaking a working holiday in Japan, starting with a hotel internship in Okinawa. I also post photos over at http://radiantbutterfly.tumblr.com/

I am a huge fan of Japanese composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer GACKT, and also an aspiring translator. Naturally, these two interests combine quite well, and starting from 2009 I began to post fan translations of interviews, lyrics and other miscellaneous things; if you wish to read these, click here. I also now have my own website, Moon-Struck, which is a complete archive of all GACKT's lyrics translated into English.

Concerts/Events attended:
Requiem et Reminiscence II (2009)- Tokyo (02/01, 02/02), Shizuoka (02/05), Kobe (02/09), Himeji (02/10)
Requiem et Reminiscence II DVD Advance Screening (2010)
Nemuri Kyoshiro Buraihikae (2010) Overview, Comments (05/16) (05/22) (05/27)
YFC Kirameki Otoko Juku (2010) Tokyo 06/10 Sendai 08/11 Sapporo 08/17 08/19 Mizugi Matsuri (Swimsuit Festival) 08/29
Kenshin Kousai (2010)

Why/how/where did you start learning Japanese?

I have a Formspring here, with a bunch of already answered questions (Feel free to pose new ones!)

I am also a fan of an Australian bands The Butterfly Effect and Karnivool, among others. I generally don't talk about them much unless prompted, but can sometimes be difficult to shut up once started.

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