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Inheritance of Sin~ORIGINAL SIN~
With quiet eyes
you gave a smile as you looked up to the sky1
Frozen fingertips
played a distorted melody of snow
that stained you red

“Ending it like this
is your sole broken kindness…” you laugh mockingly

Held up by a breath
you make the knife in your back look like wings
and hold me

This inextinguishable pain is our fate2
Inheritance of sin

Huddling in the moonlight
I scream in agony at the repeating sin
I realize it from the tears that well up in your open eyes
“Someone stop me…”3

“Wishes that will never come true are meaningless…”
you say as I collapse and you softly brush my cheek with your fingers
No matter how many words I say
they will no longer reach your vanishing heart4

A melody of crimson tears
The isolation of a moonlit night

“If you don’t want to be robbed, then don’t look away”
You smile at me as I cry

“Just bear the unforgivable sin and this punishment, and fly…
Higher and higher…”

-Is ending it with my own hands
all I can do, in the end?-

Gently looking up at the night sky
the tears you shed are now cold

I gaze at you as you sleep
Inheritance of sin

1. Sung sora “sky”, written 宙 chuu “midair”.
2. Sung sadame “decree, fate” written 運命 unmei “fate”.
3. The word tomete “stop” is written with 殺, the kanji for “kill”.
4. The word kieteku “vanishing” is written with 滅 a kanji which means “fall into ruin” or “be annihilated”

GACKT "Tsumi no Keishou~ORIGINAL SIN~" Lyrics, Romaji and Translation


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Mar. 23rd, 2017 11:02 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for your translation, as always!
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