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GACKTTweets December 31 2016

How are you doing? It’s already the end of 2016. Well… for a little while, to end 2016 with you guys, let’s answer some tweets!!

[Is there anything you want to do next year?]@___iR10 The world tour will start next year. Well, it’s taking a long time just to prepare. I’m spending time on making an English version of the album too.

[Did you get a 10yen sized bald spot again this year or were you OK?]@.__yukitarooo The truth is… I was thinking I could do it without stressing this year. And when the filming for the show finished, I was glad I hadn’t gone bald on the inside as well. But when I went to the salon, they said, “Bro, it’s happened again!” This time it’s on the back of my head. I, GACKT, still require spiritual training.

[I want to play Othello with GACKT]@.G_A7483 Why Othello? Let’s play poker!

[Give me abs!!!]@.hatimitu160kg Abs are something you cultivate with your own hard work. No one can give them to you. Put Kiai into it!

[If it’s for Gakkun, I’ll get a Brazillian wax]@.aiai20xx0407 Don’t do it for me, do it for the sake of all human men! Neither men nor women need hair down there!

[Give me Magnum! Even half of it!]@.gackt07040 No~~. Half of it isn’t usable. It’s only worth using if you have it in full. Like being a Saiyan.

You all write too fast!

Well, anyway, let’s all shout together… My PC is about to freeze. Shout “GACKT!!!” for me.

[I’m greeting the New Year alone. Please say something that will give me energy for the new year]@.yacchan37 Find a good partner. That takes KiAi too. You’re never going to meet someone good if you’re cooped up in your house. Go outside first. Go outside and look at lots of people and if someone catches your heart even a little, then you be the one to call out to them first. “Do you want to start 2017 together?”

[I want to be connected to you just once]@.GCyat We’ve always been connected. Don’t worry.

[What do you look like while tweeting now?]@.gemini_GACKT Now? I’m overseas, but… for some reason my sister is passing the New Year by watching Final Destination. That movie is too scary…

[GACKT-sama came on twitter while I’m at my part time job]@.kamui0704 It’s ok. I’m reading the messages throughly. Focus on your work!

[Thank you for showing us your body at the end of the year. I’m thrilled]@.wlovepeace1124 It’s no time to be happy! You need to thoroughly train your mind and body too! Because what will change your life is working yourself to death.

[I got a Gakkuchi]@.XXX_XIII_MM They have ones that big? I’ve never seen them before… How do you get them out of the UFO catcher?

[How the hell do you get muscles?]@.shunta35057220 Hey, hey, you’re pretty rude for someone asking questions. “If you’ve got KiAi, you’ll naturally grow muscles!!!” Got it!?

[I’m taking university exams. I’ve got no confidence, so please cheer me on!]@.kame_ren What do you mean, “confidence”? Is that the best you can do? Try working yourself to death. Focus so much that no one can beat you. After you’ve done so much that you don’t think you can do anymore, you’ll have as much confidence and whatever as you want. That’s how it is.

[Give me your pretty face. Even though I’m a woman]@.dog_renchan Hey, hey, if you got a scary face like this, people would be too scared to come near you. My glare is too scary…

[I’ve always been hairless down there]@.hqnqmam That’s great!!! Well, it’s one of the basics, though.

[I’ve learned a lot from your kicking videos on Instagram. I want to use them in karate!]@.RKM_0704 Learn them and use them properly. And do it so you can always protect the one you love.

[Gaku-chin doesn’t have any hair down there?]@.__nachan___diet Stupid question. I haven’t had any for a long time. I’m SO smooth. I’m finished my hair removal procedures.

[After you sold the gold Aventador, what car do you drive? Did you buy a new one?]@.waf_fle11 Hmm, you mean in Japan? In Japan I drive a new model Jaguar XJR. I can’t go fast in Japan so that’s more comfortable. Overseas, I have a Bentley, Lambo, Chevrolet… those kind of things.

[I want to surpass GACKT!]@.abnormald1 I’m no big deal. You can surpass me at any time. Put KiAi into trying everything. And then you too should support this rotting country.

[I catch a cold when I don’t have hair down there]@.22_dears Catching a cold from lack of pubes?!!! I’ve never caught one for that reason in these 17 years!!!

[Huh, Gackt replies to tweets!???]@.04___KNBN If not me, then who would reply with this level of dirty jokes?

[Gakkun!!! Did you laugh a lot this year?]@.miyuka_mixjapan I did. I laughed a lot. I was able to feel pretty happy. Next it’s your turn to become happy. Laugh lots.

[Please answer me. I’m studying Chinese! How did you learn it?]@.30momo1212 First, read books and drown yourself in memorizing vocabulary. Next, go to a Chinese restaurant and learn how to pronounce everything on the menu. Then make friends with the chef and have him teach you. Then hit on the waitress. Like that.

[My birthday is tomorrow, please say happy birthday]@.1Mat_01 Wow really, your birthday is tomorrow? I want to congratulate you!!! Happy Birthday! It’s the best way to start 2017.

[Char Aznable’s Sieg can move 3x faster than normal, how fast can you move, GACKT?]@.___M_K_T___ Hmm, it depends on what I’m doing. By the way, one of my band members, SQTO, cums 3x faster than a normal person. That’s why he’s the Red Comet SATO…

[What objection do you have to Japan currently?]@.2012_noriko There’s not enough KiAi. The country is dying.

[Won’t you change your icon?]@.yukari1016 Yeah, yeah, I’ll change it when I’m finished with this!

[I’ll use DAILY BABY for a time when I should come, but I don’t know when that will be]@.kumi_GLOVERS Hey, hey, if you don’t use it now, when will you use it!!! Use it right away!

[What are you going to do when the Yahoo headline tomorrow says you’re silky smooth?]@.s2xxLeCielxxs2 That’s fine! Because it’s true. Rather, the number of people who aren’t silky smooth is too high!

[So where do you go after you seduce the waitress?]@.KIKU82656840 To the kitchen! There lies victory!

[Are you interested in motorcycles]@.barryburton00 I used to ride them. I had a big accident on a mountain. Then I quit. I was lucky to survive that accident. You watch out for accidents too. If you die, it’s over.

[What should you do when you’re deciding whether to give up or not?]@.MikiVamps You can give up at any time. But when you struggle and struggle and face that uncool version of yourself, that’s when you can grow up. If you still want to give up, you can do it after that, right? Got it?

I guess I’ll finish up.

[Tell us your kanji character for next year]@.hinata7ame I’m not such a lukewarm person that you can express my life in one character. Give me at least 30 characters.

[I want you to upload a photo!]@.O_kohaku46 No, no, look at my Instagram! Haven’t I uploaded enough? Don’t make me take any more photos. I’m not a photographer. I’ve clicked the shutter in my heart so many times, I’m already like a war photographer.

[PLEASE COME TO MY GRADUATION]@.lo_gackt I’ll go to another high school somewhere this year. While I still have some influence. If I decide I’m no longer influential, I’ll quit instantly.

Well then, I’m going now. If you feel that 2016 wasn’t a big year, then it means your ability to take action is lacking. Make 2017 the best with your hard work and ability to take action. Everything depends on you. Do your best. I’ll do my best too. So, make flowers bloom around you with your very best smiles. Bye.


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Jan. 1st, 2017 02:55 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for the translation! Every time he says something sweet and inspirational, I wanna hug him . . and then he makes another pubic hair comment. Ah, how very G of him.
Jan. 2nd, 2017 08:35 pm (UTC)
"[Huh, Gackt replies to tweets!???]@.04___KNBN If not me, then who would reply with this level of dirty jokes?"
I really ROFL'd, literally xD and that tweet about the brazillian wax hahahaha

and for real, what's with pubes jokes xD

Thanks a lot for translating and sharing with us :*
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