amaiakuyume (amaia) wrote,

YFC blog (GACKT entry) 27th Nov 2011

Came Back Alive!!!

This is Juku Student Captain GACKT, motherf***ers~~~!!!!

Oh, and by the way, the "motherf***er" I'm yelling at today is myself…1

Since early yesterday morning, I got a sudden fever and couldn't even walk.

But I couldn't skip the live radio show,
so the staff carried me in
and I somehow got through it
but I passed out after I got to the hospital.

I only remember bits and pieces, but…
I lost consciousness after my fever exceeded 40 degrees.
Although I remember most of what happened up to 39.7 degrees.

Well, since my normal temperature is 35 degrees,
for it to go over 40 is of course ridiculous.

This time I mostly got through it.
Since it's a once a year traditional occurrence, collapsing like this.

But still, yesterday I was wondering if I was going to die.

I've come back alive.


I took a shot to commemorate surviving.
My hair is all messed up, but I'm feeling optimistic.

At these times, you gotta laugh.

I have no idea how many IVs I got since yesterday…
Apparently I've had one in the whole time.


It seems like it's just fluids and antibiotics at the moment,
but I've spent all day sitting here with it in.


I told them I was going to leave the hospital,
but the attending physician said absolutely no way
so since I can't do anything about that, I'm going to stay for another day.

I just can't relax in hospital rooms.
Memories from long ago come back to life.
I guess it's because I was in the hospital for a long time as a child.
I still have trouble even visiting people in hospitals.

Well, since I think this will be my only day off this year, I've decided to do nothing.
Because I collapse like this once a year.
Because it's a tradition.

Maybe I'll chat up the nurses~~

Sorry to worry you!!!

Juku Student Captain GACKT

P.S Wonder how many days it's been since I slept like this…

1. The insult he yells at the start of all his blogs, which I usually translate as "motherf***er(s)" actually literally means "stupid bastard(s)".  (Since it's meant to be an edgy, rockstar thing and not an actual insult, I don't translate it literally).  So I guess he's cursing his own stupidity here.
Tags: gackt, translation, yfcblog

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