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Gacktblog 10/02/10

First translation done on my new computer ^________^ (shall have to make a post about that!)

Today…it's another one of these times


Good morning.
It's GACKT with his neck still hurting.
It's now past 7 in the morning.
I've pulled an all-nighter again working on compiling the VISUALIVE DVD…

While my body is screaming
The staff who are helping me are all continuing to work frantically.
Really, I'm no match for them.

We're finally at the finale of the production.
The words of the staff in the middle of checking it on the big screen overflow.
"This far surpasses THIS IS IT…"

Well. even though I'm not comparing it, I think so too.
Michael Jackson created the world of pop art.
He spent his life continuously obsessed with what could be shown on stage.
You can't say that conceptual stage show in that era was anything short of genius.
I want to dedicate this work to that side of him from the bottom of my heart.
To he that, even in this rotten era, beaten on countless times by the rotten media,
continued to challenge himself with that many works and stage shows that couldn't be classified.

We are also
not on stage,
but spending this much time on post production,
creating a work that will be the birth of a VISUALIVE DVD category
that hasn't existed in the world before now.
Because of the over-long editing time they've gone as far as calling it a fraud,
but even though the release date has been postponed countless times due to the work falling behind schedule,
but since the day I decided to persevere to the very end with my desire to create a work that would live up to this,
the VISUALIVE DVD has finally been born after spending so much time.

We're trying to complete the last of the finale here in this sleepless studio.
The images I've seen no one knows how many times of this VISUALIVE DVD,
even tonight give me goosebumps time after time.
At the word "Amazing----" that keeps spilling out of the staff's mouths
I can't help but feel relieved that soon I can finally deliver this work to everyone.

Recently, from many overseas novelists and people who work in the media
I've received lots of cheers of "I'm looking forward to GACKT's work".
Just like my fans, they understand me.
Unlike from the works of other creators who exist in the world in great numbers,
They are looking forward to the stage and works that I…we have created…

Filming is starting in 2 hours so
I have to go home and prepare

Anyway, it will be done soon…

I don't know how many more works I'll be able to leave behind.
But I know at least this one.
This will be the biggest work of the century, one that no one can imitate,
one of a kind.

When Michael worked, he always lived seriously, embracing that thought in his heart,
maybe that was how he closed the curtain on his life.

So that I don't leave regrets behind
So that I can leave the greatest emotions and courage in everyone's memories,
So that I can be the opportunity for the birth of the new creators of the world,
I'll keep showing you what a serious man is.

Thank you everyone for believing in me.
Now I'm going home to prepare.

I dedicate this VISUALIVE DVD to all the fans in the world
and the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

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