Guide for those attending concerts in Japan (Under Construction)

So, I've been thinking this post over for a while, and I'd like to do it for people who are considering attending GACKT's Visualive in summer 2015. I'll be adding things as I think of them, and I'm not sure how much I will be able to cover, we'll see.

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GACKT Glossary

List of commonly used words on GACKT's Twitter, blog and other sources that are specific to Japanese culture or made up by GACKT.

Adi-OS! アディ押忍! (adiosu)
Portmanteau of the Spanish "Adios" and "OSU!", a Japanese cheer.

Apowogies すみまそん (sumimason)
Cutesy/goofy way of apologizing.  I used to spell it "aporogies" till I realized an r/l swap might be seen as mocking Japanese people.  Oops.  I'm now more likely to use "Sorreh" for both this and the other "Sorreh" below.

DoM ドM/努M (doemu)
Having an extremely M-type personality.  See S and M.

DoS ドS/努S (doesu)
Having an extremely S-type personality.  See S and M.

KiAi 気愛 (kiai)
"Kiai" is a martial arts concept meaning roughly "fighting spirit", but GACKT writes it with different kanji meaning "Spirit (energy) and love".

Motherf**er(s) バカヤロウ(bakayarou), Used liberally in the YFCblog.  It literally means "stupid bastard" but I translate it as "motherf**cker" since he's usually just using it as a rude way to address people like a badass rockstar and not really calling people stupid.  Ironically, I think "stupid bastard" would sound harsher if I translated it literally.  Also, there's precedent for him using that kind of language (signed wall poster in the DIABOLOS tour photobook reading "Get the f**k up motherf**ckers- Gackt" for one), so I think it could be argued that that's what he'd say if he was writing this in English.

Over 叔母 (oba)
A mistyping of the word "over" as "oba" which means "aunt"

S and M
Taken from the English "Sadism and Masochism", but also used in a non-sexual way as a description of personality. An S person is one who enjoys teasing, bullying or pushing people around, and an M one is someone who likes or tolerates such treatment.

Sorreh ごめんみ (gomen mi)
Cutesy/goofy way of apologizing, "Sorry".

GACKT's level of S-ness

Urch ウニ (uni)
A groaning sound made in confusion.  The Japanese word used, uni is also the word for sea urchin.  According to GACKT, it's the sound you make when your brain goes squishy like a sea urchin.

Well then それ蛇 (sore ja)
A mistyping of "sore ja" ("well then").  "Ja" is written with the kanji for "snake".  Probably done unintentionally at first, but is now a standard farewell from GACKT.  
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I've been getting a lot of PMs and emails lately, so I thought I'd write a bit of a post to clear up some common questions.  (Also guys I kind of suck at answering messages soooooorrrry T__T).

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EDIT:  Feel free to ask any other questions in the comments, if you have them ^^


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Excite “Tsumi no Keishou” Interview 1

[Source: ]

GACKT: What do you think “gracefulness” is?

-“Gracefulness”? I get the image of being blessed mentally and physically, and having no difficulties. It’s something I really admire.

GACKT: You… admire gracefulness? We should have a graceful lifestyle, a graceful way of spending time, a graceful soul… The word “gracefulness” is deep. When I began living overseas, and decided to live a graceful lifestyle, I clashed with the word “gracefulness”. People think that gracefulness comes from plenty, and having breathing room, but that’s not actually true. For example, I live overseas, and see beautiful scenery and hear beautiful sounds, the sound of the ocean, bird song, that kind of thing, so let’s just spend two or three hours taking it in, that’s what people think spending time gracefully is. But that actually leaves you with nothing to do.

-You become unable to relax?

GACKT: Right. Because there is no breathing room in my heart. I end up toying with my cellphone and when I realize what I’m doing, I think, “This is a sickness”. I’ve realized gracefulness isn’t something that comes from things, it’s a word that describes your heart. To become truly graceful, people who are suffering from modernitis need training.

-Training to become graceful?

GACKT: To avoid modern things like playing with your cell phone, and do your best to just look at only the scenery for two hours or so. But it’s hard to do. This is a disease of modern people. In the past people went to temples and did zen meditation, and just emptied their minds. And to do that, they thought about a lot of things. After they thought and thought and thought, they became completely empty, but I think that was a way of resetting their hearts, and people were able to live balanced lives. That said, I think everyone now is living without resetting their hearts and even if they think, “Oh, that’s pretty” in the moment, it isn’t a reset. It’s not that the “soul” is a physical object, it’s an abstract thing, so modern people take it lightly.

-I feel that humans who take things that should have been important lightly connects to the new single “Tsumi no Keishou”.

GACKT: The words “Tsumi no Keishou” are not meant to be that specific. I think that humans carry sin from the moment they are born. For example, humans are the only living thing that destroys the balance on the Earth. If you think of the planet as a single life-form, the ones who have been born carrying that sin, humans, are a “cancer”. They destroy a lot of things, and are the cause of a lot of things… But, if you ask, “So people should stop existing then?”, absolutely not. That’s why I think perhaps people have to face the fact that they are born carrying sin, and face that sin, and live accepting that. People have the ability to think, an ability that other animals lack, and yet most people don’t think, right? They get up when their alarm goes off, eat breakfast because they “should”, go to work on time, and come home. They’re not thinking about those actions one by one, they’re just reacting. I think that’s very dangerous.

-Harm results from not thinking, then.

GACKT: People who don’t usually think won’t be able to do it if someone suddenly tells them “Think!” In particular it comes from having things like “Pandora’s box” that humans must not open. Things like human sins are contained in that box. If you don’t live your life facing that fact, then human nature is to commit sins before they know what sins are. Though in the first place you should if you are able to acknowledge that “Pandora’s box”, and live having thought about it, you should be able to find a balance… That’s why I say “Think about it” and “Face it”. I’m not the one who will decide right from wrong. Accepting it and living while finding a balance is the task that has been assigned to humans. By the way, finding a balance means, even if you think you’re a biased human, you should live accepting the misalignment between yourself and compatibility with society.

-When I took that message from this song, I thought about how hard it is to recognize your sins and accept them. On top of that, when I saw the music video for the song, I felt the frustration, and something like emptiness, of being unable to stop sins.

GACKT: That’s one more answer. The story of someone who was unable to accept it.

-It was very painful to watch.

GACKT: The music video is like a symbol of society as it is now. This ties in to the telling people to “Think!” thing, but most people in the world now are letting someone else decide what is right and wrong for them. They think what the majority says is right, it’s not something they thought about and decided themselves. But what’s really important is what you want to do about it. How are you going to live getting along with society? Though you can’t agree with 100% of it, you can get along with it, right? So in order to get along with society, you have to face who you really are. If you’re just going with the flow, the result will be that when something big happens, you’ll throw all the responsibility on to someone else.


GACKT "Tsumi no Keishou~ORIGINAL SIN~" Lyrics

Inheritance of Sin~ORIGINAL SIN~
With quiet eyes
you gave a smile as you looked up to the sky1
Frozen fingertips
played a distorted melody of snow
that stained you red

“Ending it like this
is your sole broken kindness…” you laugh mockingly

Held up by a breath
you make the knife in your back look like wings
and hold me

This inextinguishable pain is our fate2
Inheritance of sin

Huddling in the moonlight
I scream in agony at the repeating sin
I realize it from the tears that well up in your open eyes
“Someone stop me…”3

“Wishes that will never come true are meaningless…”
you say as I collapse and you softly brush my cheek with your fingers
No matter how many words I say
they will no longer reach your vanishing heart4

A melody of crimson tears
The isolation of a moonlit night

“If you don’t want to be robbed, then don’t look away”
You smile at me as I cry

“Just bear the unforgivable sin and this punishment, and fly…
Higher and higher…”

-Is ending it with my own hands
all I can do, in the end?-

Gently looking up at the night sky
the tears you shed are now cold

I gaze at you as you sleep
Inheritance of sin

1. Sung sora “sky”, written 宙 chuu “midair”.
2. Sung sadame “decree, fate” written 運命 unmei “fate”.
3. The word tomete “stop” is written with 殺, the kanji for “kill”.
4. The word kieteku “vanishing” is written with 滅 a kanji which means “fall into ruin” or “be annihilated”

GACKT "Tsumi no Keishou~ORIGINAL SIN~" Lyrics, Romaji and Translation

anyone got $35,000?

So a few weeks ago I got a phone call from Vartix about the “make a custom piece of jewelry with Gackt” thing. (spoiler: I will not be doing that). The way it works is, they were calling a lot (hundreds?) of entrants to come to the store in person, and from those people they would select the 10 who actually get to do the thing. I figured that it was probably a way to get lots of people to visit the store and buy stuff, but I decided to give it a shot. Free postcard and all.

The store I went to is in Omotesando and it’s a nice little place, probably nicer if you actually care about jewelry. They had the standard model of Gackt’s watch that he was wearing on Geinoujin Kakuzuke Check for something like $80,000… his is a custom one that apparently cost more like $600,000. It has diamonds on every available surface and you can see all the gears inside which is kinda neat and steampunk but unfortunately the hands don’t stand out very well against all the other spinning stuff. They also have the recent Gackt/Vartix collaboration jewelry on display, the black stuff with the rubies that’s “only” $200-$300.

Anyway, the sales guy was cute and friendly and he sat me down and talked about Gackt and Japan for a while and thankfully didn’t pressure me too hard to buy anything, but also wasn’t in a hurry to get to the point either. He did eventually start explaining the rules, one day in February that is only disclosed to the winners, you go (on your own money) to Kyoto and meet Gackt there. Ok, cool so far. Then he explains that what you “win” is the chance to design jewelry with Gackt and you have to buy the finished piece when you’re done. Not so okay, but go on. “Gackt is very particular about these kind of things and the exact price will vary, but a baseline figure is $35,000″. LOL NOPE

He then explained to me that there is a five year payment plan, so I could pay $890 a month for the next five years. LOL NOPE

Anyway, I was like "um… that’s almost twice my rent” and I think he got the point and he brought out a few more Gackt-designed jewelry pieces for me to try on. So I took a selfie with the diamond cross necklace. There was also an interesting ring with a Star of David on either side of the center stone and also etched into the stone… wonder if there’s a reason for picking that design or if it’s just the usual Japanese “Judeo-Christian stuff looks cool!” thing.

I then left the store without actually buying anything, but even $200 is a bit too expensive for just-buying-something-so-you-don’t-waste-the-salesperson’s-time purposes. To be fair, they invited me…


GACKTTweets December 31 2016

How are you doing? It’s already the end of 2016. Well… for a little while, to end 2016 with you guys, let’s answer some tweets!!

[Is there anything you want to do next year?]@___iR10 The world tour will start next year. Well, it’s taking a long time just to prepare. I’m spending time on making an English version of the album too.

[Did you get a 10yen sized bald spot again this year or were you OK?]@.__yukitarooo The truth is… I was thinking I could do it without stressing this year. And when the filming for the show finished, I was glad I hadn’t gone bald on the inside as well. But when I went to the salon, they said, “Bro, it’s happened again!” This time it’s on the back of my head. I, GACKT, still require spiritual training.

[I want to play Othello with GACKT]@.G_A7483 Why Othello? Let’s play poker!

[Give me abs!!!]@.hatimitu160kg Abs are something you cultivate with your own hard work. No one can give them to you. Put Kiai into it!

[If it’s for Gakkun, I’ll get a Brazillian wax]@.aiai20xx0407 Don’t do it for me, do it for the sake of all human men! Neither men nor women need hair down there!

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LAST VISUALIVE Tour Pamphlet Interview (Full)

-The curtain has opened on the long awaited “LAST VISUALIVE -Saigo no Tsuki- LAST MOON”. Firstly, I’d like to ask about the story this time, is it a continuation of “MOON SAGA -Secrets of Yoshitsune-” Part I and II?
G: No, it isn’t. There is a “MOON SAGA -Secrets of Yoshitsune- Part III”, but this “LAST VISUALIVE -Saigo no Tsuki- LAST MOON” isn’t simply, “Well, here are bits and pieces of "MOON SAGA -Secrets of Yoshitsune- Part III”. It’s a bigger world than that.
Originally, the story “MOON SAGA”, which this VISUALIVE is based upon had the core of “The moon is always watching the tragedies that humans repeat” at its center. And regarding the moon, from things like “People’s souls are led by the moon” and “People are emotionally drawn to the moon”, many stories diverge. The story itself suddenly begins from a vampire story set in the near future. That’s what was depicted in “MOON CHILD” (2003 movie). If we go back in time to the origin of those vampires, it’s around “DIABOLOS”. At the time, there were those known as “Darkside Inhabitants” who lived in the darkness in a chaotic era in Europe and each used their country to engage in a proxy war. And in order to drive out the “Darkside Inhabitants”, those known as “Apostles” were then artificially created. That ended in failure, but the surviving Apostles, as vampires, started a new story from there. So where was the origin of those vampires? Their origin was in Japan. In the Heian era, there were those known as “Mononoke”, and those called “Mononofu” born from encounters between humans and Mononoke, who dominated both the humans and the Mononoke with their special powers, and began to fight among themselves. “MOON SAGA –Secrets of Yoshitsune-” is one of the key points of this story. Yoshitsune’s story spreads out when someone who inherited his “demon” blood crosses over to Europe. That’s the origin of vampires. That’s the summary.
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MOON SAGA novel book discussion (Part Three, Ch 7-8)


Kamakura, Yoritomo’s mansion.

It was a pleasant night with a spring breeze.

Next to Yoritomo, who was asleep in the bedroom, Masako sat, looking down on his sleeping face. But there was not the slightest trace of wifely affection in her gaze.

A lukewarm breeze blew from nowhere in particular, and the oil lamp flickered.

“...En?” Masako said without raising her head.


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