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So, I've been thinking this post over for a while, and I'd like to do it for people who are considering attending GACKT's Visualive in summer 2015. I'll be adding things as I think of them, and I'm not sure how much I will be able to cover, we'll see.

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GACKT Glossary

List of commonly used words on GACKT's Twitter, blog and other sources that are specific to Japanese culture or made up by GACKT.

Adi-OS! アディ押忍! (adiosu)
Portmanteau of the Spanish "Adios" and "OSU!", a Japanese cheer.

Apowogies すみまそん (sumimason)
Cutesy/goofy way of apologizing.  I used to spell it "aporogies" till I realized an r/l swap might be seen as mocking Japanese people.  Oops.  I'm now more likely to use "Sorreh" for both this and the other "Sorreh" below.

DoM ドM/努M (doemu)
Having an extremely M-type personality.  See S and M.

DoS ドS/努S (doesu)
Having an extremely S-type personality.  See S and M.

KiAi 気愛 (kiai)
"Kiai" is a martial arts concept meaning roughly "fighting spirit", but GACKT writes it with different kanji meaning "Spirit (energy) and love".

Motherf**er(s) バカヤロウ(bakayarou), Used liberally in the YFCblog.  It literally means "stupid bastard" but I translate it as "motherf**cker" since he's usually just using it as a rude way to address people like a badass rockstar and not really calling people stupid.  Ironically, I think "stupid bastard" would sound harsher if I translated it literally.  Also, there's precedent for him using that kind of language (signed wall poster in the DIABOLOS tour photobook reading "Get the f**k up motherf**ckers- Gackt" for one), so I think it could be argued that that's what he'd say if he was writing this in English.

Over 叔母 (oba)
A mistyping of the word "over" as "oba" which means "aunt"

S and M
Taken from the English "Sadism and Masochism", but also used in a non-sexual way as a description of personality. An S person is one who enjoys teasing, bullying or pushing people around, and an M one is someone who likes or tolerates such treatment.

Sorreh ごめんみ (gomen mi)
Cutesy/goofy way of apologizing, "Sorry".

GACKT's level of S-ness

Urch ウニ (uni)
A groaning sound made in confusion.  The Japanese word used, uni is also the word for sea urchin.  According to GACKT, it's the sound you make when your brain goes squishy like a sea urchin.

Well then それ蛇 (sore ja)
A mistyping of "sore ja" ("well then").  "Ja" is written with the kanji for "snake".  Probably done unintentionally at first, but is now a standard farewell from GACKT.  
-The curtain has opened on the long awaited “LAST VISUALIVE -Saigo no Tsuki- LAST MOON”. Firstly, I’d like to ask about the story this time, is it a continuation of “MOON SAGA -Secrets of Yoshitsune-” Part I and II?
G: No, it isn’t. There is a “MOON SAGA -Secrets of Yoshitsune- Part III”, but this “LAST VISUALIVE -Saigo no Tsuki- LAST MOON” isn’t simply, “Well, here are bits and pieces of "MOON SAGA -Secrets of Yoshitsune- Part III”. It’s a bigger world than that.
Originally, the story “MOON SAGA”, which this VISUALIVE is based upon had the core of “The moon is always watching the tragedies that humans repeat” at its center. And regarding the moon, from things like “People’s souls are led by the moon” and “People are emotionally drawn to the moon”, many stories diverge. The story itself suddenly begins from a vampire story set in the near future. That’s what was depicted in “MOON CHILD” (2003 movie). If we go back in time to the origin of those vampires, it’s around “DIABOLOS”. At the time, there were those known as “Darkside Inhabitants” who lived in the darkness in a chaotic era in Europe and each used their country to engage in a proxy war. And in order to drive out the “Darkside Inhabitants”, those known as “Apostles” were then artificially created. That ended in failure, but the surviving Apostles, as vampires, started a new story from there. So where was the origin of those vampires? Their origin was in Japan. In the Heian era, there were those known as “Mononoke”, and those called “Mononofu” born from encounters between humans and Mononoke, who dominated both the humans and the Mononoke with their special powers, and began to fight among themselves. “MOON SAGA –Secrets of Yoshitsune-” is one of the key points of this story. Yoshitsune’s story spreads out when someone who inherited his “demon” blood crosses over to Europe. That’s the origin of vampires. That’s the summary.
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Last Visualive rough plot guide

I will attempt to roughly summarize the story-relevant sections of the LAST VISUALIVE, as a guide for non-Japanese speakers seeing it tomorrow or on Sunday. OBVIOUS SPOILERS.
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Kamakura, Yoritomo’s mansion.

It was a pleasant night with a spring breeze.

Next to Yoritomo, who was asleep in the bedroom, Masako sat, looking down on his sleeping face. But there was not the slightest trace of wifely affection in her gaze.

A lukewarm breeze blew from nowhere in particular, and the oil lamp flickered.

“...En?” Masako said without raising her head.


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Sitting on the bow of the vast sailing ship, Noritsune gazed at the ocean spreading out in front of him. The gentle spring breeze brushed his cheek, along with the smell of salt water. Noritsune closed his eyes as if he were savoring it.

“How nice the ocean is. It brings the winds from all directions. The breeze today is quite refreshing… Is it not, Yoshitsune?”

Noritsune spoke with his eyes closed. Behind him, Yoshitsune stood.

“Those words don’t suit you. All you smell of now is blood…”

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-The curtain has opened on the long awaited "LAST VISUALIVE -Saigo no Tsuki- LAST MOON". Firstly, I'd like to ask about the story this time, is it a continuation of "MOON SAGA -Secrets of Yoshitsune-" Part I and II?
G: No, it isn't. There is a "MOON SAGA -Secrets of Yoshitsune- Part III", but this "LAST VISUALIVE -Saigo no Tsuki- LAST MOON" isn't simply, "Well, here are bits and pieces of "MOON SAGA -Secrets of Yoshitsune- Part III". It's a bigger world than that.
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March 1185, the second year of the Genryaku era.

In addition to the previous decree from the cloistered emperor to hunt down the Heike, Yoshitsune had also received orders from Yoritomo and could no longer remain in the capital, so he lead his army and set up camp at Bizen.

He still did not know the reason that Tsugunobu had been killed, and so had some hesitation in proceeding with the peace negotiations, but Dennai said that Tomomori’s intentions had not changed, and that he was ready to persuade Munemori and the retainers.

And on that day, Dennai visited Yoshitsune’s camp once again.

“Dennai, I get what you’re trying to say, but if you keep coming every day it’s gonna cause trouble for us. We’re not the only Genji army. Even if we don’t make a move, the other generals are aiming for Yashima. Yoshitsune was intending to deliver the plan for peace to Lord Yoritomo in Kamakura before that happened. But that chance was ruined… because of you guys, right?” Benkei said with a troubled expression.

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Part Three

The Remains of the Dream


The hut that stood alone in the forest fell silent, and only Tadanobu’s sobbing could be heard. At the sight of Tadanobu clinging to Tsugunobu, laid out on the straw mats, Yoshitsune desperately tried to hold back the sorrow and rage that boiled up in him. Saburō and Benkei were both lost for words, just staring at Tsugunobu. Hiyori was in such shock that she could not even approach the others, and she stood in a corner of the hut with tears running down her face. Though she had no voice, she was soundlessly calling Tsugunobu’s name over and over, and the sight was heartbreaking.

“Brother… don’t leave me...”

Even his younger brother’s cries of grief could no longer reach Tsugunobu. The more Tadanobu called his brother’s name, the more heavily that reality weighed on him.

The first to discover Tsugunobu’s body had been Dennai.

He had waited for Tsugunobu to arrive at Kino Harbor, but even as the dawn broke and the sun rose high into the sky there was no sign of his arrival. Dennai had felt that this was unusual, and wondering if something had happened, he traced the path that Tsugunobu might have followed. Somewhere along the mountain path, he came across a strange place surrounded by burning trees.

“What on earth happened…?”

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